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Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. where cacao can grow – though at 21-22˚ N latitude we are at the “North Pole” for cacao. Cacao has been grown in Hawaii since the 1850s – primarily on the Big Island – but it never reached economic importance until recently.


In 1996 a new cacao project was started on former sugarcane land in Waialua on Oahu’s North Shore – famous for its spectacular beaches and world-class surfing. Here the tropical sun, tempering trade winds and rich volcanic soil create the perfect microclimate for cacao.


Our chocolate comes from a 20 acre farm in Waialua. The limited production makes it one of the rarest single-estate chocolates in the world. It may also be one of the most pampered chocolates in the world. Because the farm is so small, special care can be given to each tree. The cacao pods are harvested at peak ripeness, and the nibs fermented then allowed to dry in the warm Hawaiian sun. Skilled chocolate artisans turn the nibs into exquisite chocolate, one small batch at a time.

About Malie Kai Chocolates

Malie Kai Chocolates is a small company dedicated to producing the finest chocolates in the Hawaiian Islands and supporting Hawaii’s nascent cacao industry.
We specialize in Hawaii-grown chocolate. Our products are made from cacao sustainably grown on Oahu’s famed North Shore.


At Malie Kai we cherish Hawaii’s natural beauty and celebrate the Aloha Sprit of her people. Taste the Malie Kai difference – chocolate with the Spirit of Aloha in every bite.


I started Malie Kai Chocolates after many years of traveling the world. Hawaii, I thought, was just another stopover. But, I fell in love with this island paradise the minute I stepped off the plane. The tropical sea breezes, the graciousness of the people, the exquisite natural beauty were all intoxicating. I wanted to share my love of the Islands with the rest of the world. What better way than through chocolate?


Nathan Sato, President of Malie Kai Chocolates



2201 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
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